Looking for Volunteers- Stonebridge Home Owners Association

Dear Residents,
We are looking to represent your interests in community building and keeping Stonebridge as the best place to live in Wasaga Beach.
A representative from each of your condominium boards, 7 in total, have attended the first Stonebridge Home Owners Association Steering Committee (SHOA for short) to help make this happen.
Our goal is to represent all of our common interests in the pending shared facilities (pool, Beach House), community grounds, and social activities.
As a first step, it has been suggested that we form a number of committees, comprised of community members (that is you- consider volunteering) as well as at least one member of the SHOA Steering Committee.  Volunteers should expect to attend monthly meetings and / or volunteer as needed to work on community improvement projects.
Each committee should have enough capacity to stay nimble, so we are suggesting no more than 5-6 members who will focus on and direct particular areas of interest.  These committees  and their work will be reviewed and supported by the SHOA group but will also call in larger numbers of volunteers if and when the need arises. 
The initial committees and their SHOA representatives are:
  • Grounds Maintenance – Ed Parkes (SHOA), Craig Holmes, John Dunlop (SHOA), David Schindler and looking for 2-3 more
  • Community Club House – Gord Crockford (SHOA), Chris Johns, Glen Smale, Joe Bartolacci (SHOA) and looking for 1-2 more
  • Legal and Insurance – John Dunlop (SHOA) Pat Gilmour (SHOA), Craig Holmes, Greg Bohaker.
  • Social Planning – Sharon Attisano (SHOA) Jim Grant (SHOA) and looking for 5-6 or more
  • Pool Committee – Joe Bartolacci (SHOA) Lynda Williams, Ted Aldcroft and looking for 2-3 more
Need more information?  Please contact your Board of Directors
Want to Volunteer or just help out a little bit?
 Please Reply to this post stating your interest and background in this area.
What happens next? Expect a call from a SHOA representative or an individual E Mail.
Thank you, and have a great day in Stonebridge!
Your SHOA Steering Committee


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