Spring Fling 2017 Wrapup

Mother Nature has failed to acknowledge we officially opened the summer season with the Stonebridge Community Spring Potluck. We filled the Beach House with a reunion of good people happy to connect again after the long winter. There was a mass of flavourful food and we did a fine job of tasting “just a little” of everything. We had many of our local businesses donate door prizes. That’s what makes us such a great neighbourhood. We support them and they support us.

Our fund raising for the Food Bank exceeded our expectations. We delivered $350.00 and two bags of groceries to them this week from our joint efforts. Your Hosts of the Evening will be remaining on the Spring Team for another year. (That should give Sharlene enough planning time to invent another awesome presentation of dessert)

Any ideas or door prizes you may wish to share with us are always appreciated. We wish everyone a hot time in Wasaga Beach this summer.

Sincerely, Bill and Linda Fordham / Fred and Beth Carter

Our proud organizers drop off a fat cheque at the Food Bank!

Want to see the rest of the photos? Just click Right Here!!

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