Missing Bird Feeder :-0

Jill and Steve’s bird feeder has gone missing. Have you seen it?

Sometime before daybreak, our squirrel buster bird feeder went missing! We live along the trail that runs between Covington Blue and Savannah. Our 2′ feeder was hanging from a metal arc among the trees off our back fence, between ours and our neighbour’s gates very high up to keep the coons out. This was not the doing of coons…they don’t take the feeder with them! While I was out looking for it, I noticed freshly beaten down vegetation leading to the back gates of people I know do not use their back gate access. Just a reminder we need to be vigilant! If it was an act of hooligans who may have discarded it and you come across it, we would appreciate having it back as a replacement will cost $100. Please call Steve at 519-420-0057. Here’s what it looks like..

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