Jim Grant on Stonebridge Golf

Since we finished “officially” two weeks ago and Stinger and I waited the last two Thursdays and nobody showed, we are officially finished for the season.

However, if there are a few nice days left, which is projected for next week, you can golf any day of the week after 3pm for $20 cash walking(as many holes as you can get in) or $35 with a cart for nine holes.

Hope that you all enjoyed the golf and the camaraderie this year. Stinger and I are retiring, so let me know if you are willing to organize the Stonebridge golf for next season. It allows our residents to get a nine holes a week at a much lower price than the other pay as you players. Regular cost of 9 holes walking is $37.70 and with a cart is $50.78.

Quite a savings, whether you walk or ride, so I hope that one of you is willing to take over. Let me know and I will give you the list.

Thanks to all for an enjoyable time together, on the course and at the Beach Club.

Jim G

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