Daffodil Planting begins this Friday at 9am

Thanks to another generous donation from Mark Crowe, we have 3000 bulbs to put into the ground this year. We’ll start planting on Friday morning, meeting at 9am at the trailhead beside Jim and Jan Grant’s house. All volunteers are welcome, and after 3 years we have it down to a science. No sore backs required. We have 4 augers (well actually, we have 3 augers – does someone have the missing one??). If you are busy, but would like to volunteer your power drill, batteries and a charger you can drop off at 28 or 113 Sandy Coast.  This year’s total will bring us to nearly 8000 bulbs in the ground for next Mothers’ day weekend! Thanks to the generosity of our neighbours, we also have a $300 donation to go to the Food Bank. How cool is that??

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