Daffodil Days postponed until 2021

After much discussion and with great regret, your daffodil committee has decided to postpone our yearly daffodil planting until 2021.

As the second wave of Covid 19 bears down upon us, more and more jurisdictions are calling for a renewed effort at social distancing and avoiding non essential gathering. The number of October long mini lockdowns continues to increase, and there is no reason to believe that we will not be included sometime in the near future. To ask our residents to make a non essential trip to purchase bulbs and to ask our volunteers to congregate to plant them would just not be prudent at this time.

We have received a small amount (60) of bulbs at this writing, and Maxine Bohaker has generously volunteered to see that they get into the ground in the community garden.

The Daffodil Days program began in 2017 with a goal of putting 10,000 bulbs into the ground in 10 years. In just 3 years we met our goal and never looked back. Thanks to the endless generosity of our residents and our developer, Mark Crowe, the program has raised and donated well in excess of $1000 to the Friends of the Library and the Wasaga Food Bank. Knowing that our community will be brimming with daffodils next Mothers’ Day Weekend can give us some small comfort, and we will definitely be back in 2021.

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