Our Beach Club is now Open!

Some or probably most all residents are aware that the lock has been removed from the Beach House.  You are now able to use your key fob to enter the Beach House.As we are moving forward with some social events, the Beach House Committee reminds everyone that we are still not out of the woods.  Covid is not behind us.Because of this, we are continuing the cleaning protocols.  The Beach House will be supplied with Wipes and cleaners.  There will be a “CLEANING PROTOCOLS” form left in the kitchen area for you to complete.  
We are looking forward to getting together at the fire pit on the beach and Friday TGIF (Together In Friendship), more information will follow later this week.  
To all new residents (2020, 2021, & 2022)  The Beach Club Committee will be hosting a Welcome in May. Your invite will be delivered soon.

To book a private event contact Laura Smith at laura@mystonebridge.ca

For Stonebridge events contact Gail Nicholls at ggnicholls60@gmail.com

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