Christmas Party Wrap-up!

From the organizers:

     Stonebridge Christmas Party, 2016


Just one final note…

Thanks to all, for making our annual event a success, again this year.  To hear all of the conversations and laughter in the Beach House, last Friday night, indicated what a wonderful bunch of people live in our community.

How lucky we all are!

We missed those of you who were unable to attend.  Please know that if you paid in advance, your money went toward our Food Bank donation. We were able to donate $230.00, and the total weight of our food donation was 235 pounds.   Great job!

Thanks go out to:

-Nancy, from Sunset Grill, for the gift cards for our spot dance and prizes

-Diane and Pat for donating some of the prizes

.-Irene and others, not on the committee, who helped clean the kitchen

-Marianne who enlightened us as to the large number of people in our town who need our support, and for the hours she gives to the Food Bank.

– all of you who supported the 50/50 draw.

– all of the guys and ladies who helped put the furniture back in place, helped clean, and took out the garbage

-the guys who took the food donations to Marianne’s car,

-everyone who helped, in one way or another.  If we missed your name, we did not miss that you lent a hand

…..and thanks to all of you for asking, throughout the evening, if you could help with anything. What a terrific group!


         Y‘all sure know how to make planning a party easy!!!

     Your Christmas Party Committee,

    Lynn Crockford, Therese Edwards, Lynn Gerrard, Karen Washbrook


P.S.  A red cooler was left on the table in the small room.  Hopefully it has been claimed by its owner.

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