Weekly Golf Begins (unofficially..) Thursday May 4

Golf Begins on Thursday May 4

Whether you want to play regularly or if only once in a while, and it matters not if you are a good golfer or a beginner, all Stonebridge golfers are welcome to join us this year for another great golf season together at Marlwood Golf & Country Club.

Our first “unofficial” game together will be on Thursday, May 4th. (See #2 below if that sounds confusing lol…) If you know of new golfing neighbours, let them know to be in touch with one of us.

1. Our official start for golf will be Thursday, May 11th. Residents and guests can golf once in a while or every Thursday. We know that you all have other things on the go.

2. Our informal start will “NOT”  be this Thursday but rather May 4th, the date of the spring fling. No dinner or prize money or drinks at the BC that day……just nine holes of golf $20 and $30 at 2:30, 2:45, or 3:00. Just show up if you want to golf that day.

3. Not everyone wants to go for dinner or pay for drinks at a bar but still may want to socialize, so I have booked the Beach Club on Thursdays for golfers 5:00 to 7 (except May 4th) and on Fridays for TGIF at 5:30.

4. We will be much more flexible this year, as to who you play with. On May 4th and 11th, you will be playing your own ball and can choose your own foursome or we will match you up, as you arrive.

5. If you only want to golf nine holes it is $21 to walk and $31 to ride. Walkers may choose to join us for dinner for an extra $10.

6. All costs are cash at the first tee to whichever Jim is in charge that day and it includes 13% HST.


Concerns or questions? Please email either Jim by clicking the links below 🙂

Jim Ray (Stinger)

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