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From Sharon and the Crew: 

Kudos go out to Sharlene Martin for holding the party of the month.   A fabulous and interesting Murder Mystery occurred at our Beach House in February.

A lot of hard work and creativity by Sharlene went into the event.  Everyone had their “Mug Shot” taken (see the photo gallery) and Sharlene (Stonebridge’s Famous Master Baker) had snacks and a drink all according to the night’s theme.  For instance appetizers like – Hot on the Trail (Mix), Don’t Lose Your Noodle(s), Fig Jam on Goat Cheese (Have you Fig-urged It Out Yet), Hearts of Blood Cupcakes and an Ocean Wild blue drink.

28 Detectives worked very hard investigating this gruesome event and out of 8 suspects the murderer was finally disclosed.  However he escaped and a Stonebridge-wide warrant is out for his arrest lol.

THANKS Sharlene and we are looking forward to the June Casino night which you and Brenda Taylor are hosting.  Great job, Stonebridge is a wonderful place to put down your roots because of people like you ♥️

Another great event was the 2nd Annual Bowling Tournament… everyone had a great time and I’ve been asked to make it a semi-annual so that some of the “Winter Birds” can join us.  Maybe we could form our own league – if interested give me a call 647-223-5844.


And, again the Hardy Girls (lol) Mary Lou and Helen, organized a fantastic St. Paddy’s event which was held at Stud’s Lonigan…  who, by the way, served sumptuous fish and chip dinners.  Thanks for all the work our neighbours put into this community.

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