New Boat Rack user guide

You may have noticed that we now have a spiffy new boat rack at the Beach Club. Many neighbors pitched in to make this a reality and a special thank-you to Mark Crowe, who kindly donated the wood. How awesome is it when our volunteers work together to make our community the #1 brand in the Beach?? Here are the guidelines for use of the new rack:

Optimising the use of the Stonebridge boat racks.

  1. We wish to optimise the use of the boat racks
  2. All residents who have a canoe, kayak or stand-up paddle board (SUP) stored at the Beach House property are asked to email Phil Cutfield providing the owner’s name, address, phone and email address and detailing: whether their vessel is a canoe, kayak or SUP, the make, model and colour(s) of their vessel.
  3. Vessel owners are asked to think of others and the common good and best usage of the boat racks. This includes keeping their watercraft elsewhere, eg. in your garage, if the vessel is not being used numerous times per season. Space is at a premium.
  4. Store your watercraft so as to permit other paddlers ease of access to their vessel.
  5. Use of the racks is a privilege, not a right.
  6. Owners of vessels that are not used frequently may be asked to remove their vessel to make way for another vessel
  7. Any suggestions for better managing the use of the racks is welcomed. Please contact Phil Cutfield

Related matters:

  1. There is poison ivy along the north fence, particularly the metal section of fencing. (The fence closest to the Bay Breezes Motel.)
  2. Please don’t leave vessels on the lawn, including near the wooden fences, as this blocks the lawn sprinklers.
  3. It is recommended that vessels be secured with a chain or cable and lock.

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