Important update re: Summer Party

Important news regarding the 2022 Midsummer Madness Party

After much discussion, community feedback and deliberation, the organizers have decided to return the summer party to it’s original “street dance” format. The Street Dance party will be held on Anglers’ Gate on Friday August 5, with a rain date of Saturday August 6. A number of items were given consideration in the decision:

  1. The Beach Club is tightly booked that weekend, with private events on both Thursday and Saturday. We are not comfortable that we can remove equipment, service garbage and clean the Beach Club adequately with such a short time space between events.
  2. The sequence of bookings at the Beach Club leaves absolutely no option for a rain date. If we got rained out, we would be stuck with a lot of expensive food with no option to recover losses.
  3. There is still some “Covid reticence” within the community and we know that some residents are reluctant to congregate at the Beach Club, even though we will be outside.
  4. The annual “street dance” has always been our best attended and most successful event and we guarantee a great time.  Residents who have purchased tickets for the Beach Club party and wish to have a refund may do so. The last day to reserve and pay for your tickets will be Friday July 29.

While we’re at it here’s a bit more info on the party, specifically for any “newbies”:

  1. The street party is a family friendly event. All ages are welcome and residents are free to bring their overnight guests.
  2. This year’s menu will be hamburgers, hot dogs, 2 kinds of salad, hot buttered corn on the cob and gourmet cookies for dessert. Your admission fee includes 3×50/50 tickets
  3. We will be picking up donated tables before the event and returning them after. Guests can bring their own lawn chair, cooler (BYOB) and are encouraged to provide their own picnic plate and cutlery to keep landfill to a minimum.
  4. We’ll be featuring pre recorded music for those who wish to dance after supper. Residents are also encouraged to mingle. It’s a great way to meet your neighbors.
  5. The party food is subsidized by our developer, Mark Crowe, but there are also additional expenses. The $10 ticket fee covers all expenses, with surplus monies going into door prizes and a 50/50 draw to benefit local charity. We have traditionally supported our Food Bank, the CGM Hospital, Hospice Georgian Bay and many others. Stonebridge residents have a well-deserved reputation for giving back to our community.

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