Book Your Event!

Want to book an event but not sure where to start?

Here are some handy guidelines to get you on your way:

Who can use the Beach Club?

Anyone who is a resident of our 8 Stonebridge condominium corporations (S.H.O.A.) is free to book and use the Beach Club for a COMMUNITY event (like a neighborhood dance or party), or a PRIVATE event (like your Mom’s “family only” birthday party).

Who may I invite to my event?

The Stonebridge Home Owners Association, Steering Committee has prepared a response to our residents to prevent further confusion and bring clarity to the concerns of access to community events and shared facilities.

Non-SHOA Condominium Home Owners, or anyone else outside of SHOA, will not be issued a FOB and cannot enter the Pool or Beach Club on their own.

  • Non-SHOA Condominium Home Owners, or anyone else outside of SHOA, as well as residents of any other community, may attend the Pool or Beach Club as a guest of a SHOA resident as long as the host remains with the guest.
  • Any invited guest may attend the Street Dance with their hosts. Only SHOA residents may purchase tickets.
  • Any local resident or guest may use properties such as the trail head, Zen Garden of Playground in a respectful manner unless notified otherwise due to insurance reasons.
  • Social events such a Daffodil Planting, the Witches Walk, or mini golf may be participated in by residents or invited guests. These are events organized for fun, charitable fund raising or community betterment, so the more the merrier.

Please Note:

The Beach House (Club House) is named in our documents but has not yet been turned over to the Stonebridge Common Elements Condominium Corporations. It remains in the ownership of the Developer, Stonebridge Building Group Inc., and may not be turned over to the Stonebridge Home Owners Association for an undetermined period of time. Therefore Mark Crowe, as the Authorized Signing Officer for the Corporation, continues to represent the owner and has the final say in all events related to the use of the Beach House.

Does it cost anything to book the Beach Club?

Currently, COMMUNITY events are no charge, but there may be a charge or deposit required for a PRIVATE event. This policy may be subject to change in the future. All events are subject to whatever Covid protocols might be in place at the time and restrictions may change without notice.

How do I book the Beach Club for my event?

Stonebridge does not have a “social committee”, but we have lots of volunteers who are available to help out with event planning when they are asked for assistance. Residents are free to book and manage their own events without interference though, and are not required to “clear” or “approve” their event with anyone. Just follow these steps:

CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY – The Beach Club is regularly (and sometimes heavily) booked however, and it’s important to check to make sure someone has not already reserved the building on the date you want. Only COMMUNITY events are listed on the website event calendar on the right-hand side of the welcome page, but ALL BOOKINGS INCLUDING PRIVATE ones are listed on the offsite calendar which you can access Right Here. It is important to check the offsite calendar to ensure that your date is available before you start.

RESERVE THE BEACH CLUB – to register your COMMUNITY event, simply email Gail Nicholls She will be glad to help you to set things up and reserve your booking! To Register your PRIVATE event please email Laura Smith at the Stonebridge Sales Office and copy Gail. Laura will get you on to the private bookings calendar and make sure you are up to speed on requirements.

GET IT OUT THERE – Want to push traffic to your COMMUNITY event? Send us a note here at the website and we’ll make sure your event gets it’s own page on the website and gets featured in our very own community news, the Stonebridge Sun! Feel free to write your own copy, or even design a spiffy poster and we’ll be happy to share it with our 250+ subscribers in the ‘hood.