Who “runs” the Stonebridge Events website?

This website was created and is maintained by group of community volunteers. The website “belongs” to the Stonebridge community residents and anyone is welcome to volunteer, assist and participate in it’s success. Interested? Just send us a note via the Contact page.

Can I be a contributor?

Absolutely. As long as you are willing to learn a bit about using WordPress and are willing to adhere to a few simple editorial guidelines we can get you on your way to eventually managing your own posts and events.

Editorial guidelines? What’s up with that??

This website is dedicated to providing upbeat, friendly news about our community and it’s events and community initiatives. Over the last few years our ‘hood has grown enormously from our original little mailing list. Our goal is to bring a professional, fair and positive approach to the delivery of community information. To that end, we do not publish editorial, political, nor divisive or disruptive communication of any kind. As a subscriber to our community mailing list, you have our promise that you will receive nothing but positive news and information about our events, charities and community initiatives.

I’d like to be on the mailing list, but I’m concerned about privacy and my personal information

Community mailings which come from Stonebridge Events, and any personal information you may share on our contact or other forms are protected by a triple firewall, and your email address and personal info is protected by the same type of encryption that is used for your online banking. Nothing can ever be 100% safe, but your email address is immeasurably more safe here than in the hands of a neighbor. Beginning May 1, (as is required by law), subscribers will be able to remove their email address from our list with a single click.

Using the Beach Club

Want to use the Beach Club for your Private or Community Event?

For everything you ever wanted to know about booking Click Right Here